Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Padmasambhava and me

Here I am, all grown up. Note Buddhist medallion. Wishes come true when you pray to Padmsambhava, the powerful 8th century Indian dude who brought Buddhism to Tibet. My wish that evening was, as always, for more love, truth and intimacy in my life. I think it's coming true, which is quite an accomplishment when you live at the end of the road. Make that two miles up a dirt road, 50 miles from "civilization."

Ok, ok, I'm whining a bit. We have a computer (obviously) and a satellite, a local radio station and a fire brigade pager. It's not like we're that isolated. We have cars, we drive twice weekly into "town", we vote. My husband and I watched the towers fall on the morning of September 11.

Perhaps...this existential longing for more is part of what Big Sur is calling forth from my soul. To paraphrase former local bad boy, writer Henry Miller, the land is so big, so beautiful, that it simply demands that I make the best of myself. I certainly can't improve on the landscape, but maybe I can live up to it, in a way.


SurToby said...

tobyPadma who? What? Isn't that a type of curry or condiment?

That's a truly lovely image, darling... and you're doing good so far!

Anonymous said...

you are more beautiful and more loved then you will ever know!