Thursday, December 27, 2007

Carnivale Christmas 2007

Here are some Dionysian images of yours truly and Toby in full depression era carny disguise for our annual neighborhood winter festivities.

Ringmaster surveys his circus

Everyone was beautiful, funny and creative. What can we say, there are some wonderful characters in these woods, not all pictured here!

Our Favorite Clown (love the hat)

Ringmaster and Bearded Lady

Master Chef and Ringmaster

Lady Santa

Acrobats have a tender moment

Hoochie-coochie girls and Empress of the Universe

Young Roustabout

Dancing Camille with Ringmaster

Madam Lulubelle

Hoochie-coochie girl and Ringmaster

Ringmaster reads Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales"

Ringmaster takes a well-deserved bow with his rainbow angels

Under the Big Top

Hoochie-coochie reprise


Anonymous said...

Dear Coochie,

You all look dazzling and happy as usual. This blog seems to be adding another happy smiling element to your already stunning beauty. I really love reading it and I can tell you love writing it. Shine on! love Camille

Linda Rowland-Jones said...
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