Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pass the Beret

Survision has been up in the blogosphere for almost one year! It's such a surprise to me that I've been able to do this, through a wild and woolly time, complete with sudden deaths, community-wide disaster, and ever more profound appreciation for this place I call home.

Blogging has been a wonderful, life-saving process for me. The feedback I've received from Survision readers has warmed the cockles of m' heart, as they say. What lovely souls you all are, thank you.

We're expecting an epic winter season, with mud-slides, flooding, and avalanches of rocks (check out this amazing "debris flow" You-Tube clip) thanks to the de-foliating power of the Basin Complex fire. Since I don't want to rely on unemployment, it feels like time to pass the blogging beret, so to speak.

Checking with the Big Sur Bakery, which makes the fanciest latté in town, I learned that the special local's price for this energizing libation is — $4.25.

So now, for the price of a once-a-month discounted coffee beverage, you can subscribe to Survision for ongoing news and whimsy from Big Sur!

Some of the topics I plan on continuing to develop include:

Profiles of our unique Big Sur children, their experience of growing up on the coast and where they're headed in the big bad world.

Our artists, painters, writers, sculptors, musicians and lovers: their inspiration, challenges and joys.

Big Sur Goddesses, some of the most awe-inspiring women around, full of deep wisdom and wild humor.

Celebrations of life in our majestic and sometimes demanding environment.

The beret sitting beside me on the Internet sidewalk is the bright yellow button to your left that says "Subscribe". It's just one tap of the mouse, there's that's it! Thank you.

Early morning fog tuck, Partington Ridge
Latté, Big Sur style

Aerial back country view post fire (the "O" marks our home)


Linda said...

It is one thing to read about Partington Ridge, and quite another to see it in its three-D geography. Impossibly beautiful and dramatic.

Like many of us, I became intimately familiar with the topology of Big Sur while I followed the twice-daily updates of the MODIS satellite images imposed over the google earth map. I learned the names of canyons and campgrounds, and like with anything that becomes known, in detail, I sort of fell in love with each rise and fall of the land at the edge of the world.

But it was the details of Big Sur in your blog, the children, the artists, and --most recently--the bugs, that brought me to appreciate the communities that you live in, and love and share with us. Thank you, Linda. Don't stop. Don't stop.

Angela Harp said...

Linda -

Your photo of the latte' makes my espresso beverage making skills look far more fabulous than they really are! Great pictures and beautiful site - your photos and writing style are sophisticated and refreshing. Hope to see you in the Bakery again before long.

- Angela