Monday, February 11, 2008

Bob's Graduation

Robert Belknap Nash
February 18, 1918 — February 10, 2008

Bob Nash passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday morning, February 10, 2008, after spending the preceding day and evening with a small group of loving neighbors. He laughed softly, listened to stories and received gentle touch.

Just a week shy of his 90th birthday, Bob was an artist who dreamed of success with his unique drawings, his "linear poems", until the end. Above all, he wanted to share his wealth with his many friends. He did this by giving to all of us his endless optimism, humor and big, tender heart.

The beauty of his life is startling in today’s world. When asked if he wanted to spend these recent days on Partington Ridge, he replied, "Absolutely." One of the last of Big Sur’s “old guard”, he died as he lived, in his simple shack with his beloved cat Teddy curled up beside him.

Bob had a highly developed love of the feminine, magical side of life. He enjoyed birdsong, flowers, the smell of the morning air and cool breezes on his skin. A true renaissance man, he also understood the deeper scientific workings of the universe.

A toast from Bob: “May your hearts be filled with love, with rainbows, and with fragrant yellow roses.”

Slideshow of Bob's Last Ride*

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(original photograph of Bob above by Richard Sonnen)


Susie Bright said...

Thanks, Linda. I hope you'll tell more stories about Bob here in the days and weeks to come!

xoxox Susie

SurToby said...

A sweet soft man, and always full of loving vitality, Bob exemplified the art of being a gentleman, though he rarely dressed as one!
We were blessed to have known him, weren't we?


mary said...

Fantastic was a word he always used when asked how he was, and fantastic he was. They have not made very many like Bob.

mary ryan

oakland heidi said...

Lovely life, and lovely blog Miss Linda.